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Recycling for the Future 

For the past twenty years, C4 Polymers has been providing world class services for the plastics industry. This expertise encompasses all portions of our business from the superior sales team to experienced recycling and shipping technicians.


At C4 Polymers we believe in our products and their capability to provide solutions for the future. C4 Polymers leads the plastics industry with our commitment towards excellence and customer service. Moreover, our payments are received on time, every time. We offer competitive pricing when purchasing raw materials with the understanding that we obtain the highest quality products for our customers. 

From the desk of Eric Smith, President C4 Polymers

After graduating college, I discovered the future possibilites of the plastics industry. I continued my education by utilizing the next seven years to learn its various facets. Subsequently, I took time to write a thorough business plan which included short and long term goals. Once the company was established, I began surrounding myself with strong and dedicated individuals that could advance my vision and philosophy for the growth of C4 Polymers. Growth does not come without striving to be the best, especially with an ever changing and challenging market. My philosophy is simple: don't make promises that you can't keep, remain honorable, and treat others as you expect to be treated... Period.

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