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Our resources are as wide as they are deep. It’s not just that we know where to find the resins you need; it's our ability to keep the supply flowing. It is likely we already have exactly what you need on hand, packaged and ready for delivery. Yet there’s another reason that it seems we always have what our clients are looking for because we pay attention. We work hard to learn and stay informed about the future market trends in order to keep us one step ahead.


C4 Polymers Offers:

- Scrap, regrind, repro, virgin resins

- Railcars of PE and PP

- Black color concentrate, in small or large quantities

- Commodity and engineering resins

- Impact modifiers

- Delivery of truckload and less-than-truckload quantities

- Materials testing

- Gaylord liners

- On-site and nationwide warehousing for storage and just-in-time delivery

Supplying Plastic

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