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Recycling Solutions

Engineered to Use

Time, Scheduling, and Logistics

We supply more than just commodity resins; we can work with you to provide custom engineered plastics to meet your toughest specifications for such attributes as heat resistance, flame retardants, rigidity, tensile strength and more. We also provide materials testing to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.

Having worked with some of the country’s largest manufacturers, we understand the importance of precision scheduling for both scrap removal and just-in-time delivery systems. We have worked to build the necessary capacity in manpower, technology and machinery to keep everything running like clockwork - for both our own internal processes and wherever our service interacts with your operations.

By blending different scrap materials together to achieve specific properties, we’ve been able to provide many of our clients with quality, cost effective alternatives to virgin or custom engineered materials.

Blending to Reuse

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